Friday, August 7, 2015


On some special days, you create outfits so perfect, you can't help to fall in love with them. This was a typical "me" outfit; every item was specifically picked and put together for fit, color, and play of pattern. While it's nothing particularly exciting, it is one of those outfits I can go back to wearing any time and always feel comfortable, stylish, and at ease. What more can you really ask for in an outfit?

While the skirt WAS a thriftstore find, I actually "borrowed" it from a good friend. We found it together while thrift shopping and although she ended up buying it, I might now have to employ asset forfeiture.. you know, for reasons. Anyways, I loved the rich marigold yellow of the skirt; it contrasted nicely with the navy and black. I seldom buy much yellow, but I think it's because there are not many yellow-colored clothes that are in an attractive shade, or really fit that well. I can't often find certain classic and simple clothing in the colors I desire. Here's to hoping future manufacturers will have the technology to allow you to pick and choose!

The cross-strap ballet flats I'm wearing are some of my all-time favorites in my wardrobe. They are the darker version of the gray pair I wore in Full Regalia. In fact, it was because I loved the gray pair so much that when I saw they had a pair in black, I saved up a bit and bought them as soon as I could. I actually wear them a lot more, so despite not being on sale like the gray ones were, they have been more than worth it. They are so pretty and comfortable! I wish more shoes would be inspired by ballet.

Shirt, skirt, necklace - thrifted
Sweater - Banana Republic
Shoes - DSW (Audrey Brooke brand)
Earrings - Claire's

Star drawings - me :)

<3 The Magpie

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