Friday, June 5, 2015

Rose Garden

This outfit was so difficult to photograph! I drove around for an afternoon after school, tryin to find a good place to shoot. When I finally thought I got a good background - a nice amber fence in a neighborhood - a neighbor chased me off saying it was illegal to park there (it's not) and that he's just being extra careful about strange people (because a girl with a skirt and lipstick on is just so threatening). Sigh. I supposed I wouldn't have been so riled up about it if finding a place to photograph hadn't been such a struggle. The next place I went to didn't work out either. Thankfully, I finally found a nice spot, both isolated AND photogenic.

Shirt, skirt, sweater, necklace, bag - thrifted
Earrings - Asian market
Shoes - DSW

Found this pretty fellow. He probably sleeps there everynight. 

<3 The Magpie

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Blue House, Red Fence

I had been eyeing this blue and red color combo for awhile to use as a backdrop, and I thought this outfit to be a perfect accompanying fit. Sadly, I was only able to take a few pics with this outfit on before a truck billowing smoke pulled up onto the grass nearby, and the owner leapt out to seek help from the blue house pictured above. I found it better to leave than stand around awkwardly taking photographs, but I did enjoy the color combos... No matter, for I found another good backdrop just a little farther down the road in the form of some yellow-walled housing. I can't resist a good color contrast.

I've been exceptionally busy lately with school and finals and weddings and graduations. Let me tell you, May is simply the worst. The month is finally over though, and I can go back to a little more moments of calm - enough to hopefully post more often. 

I swing back between moments of smiling and moments where I don't feel like I need to. These are all pictures that seem to capture my state of mind. It is that calm interior when one gazes deeply inward and smiling is far from the mind. Not because one is unhappy, but because smiling is an outward expression of energy, and sometimes it is nice to save energy and have time to oneself for self-reflection.

Strange now that I think of it, the difference of my state of mind and clothing choice, as cyan and red are clashing colors creating visual vibrations when seen next to each other in their purest saturated forms. But perhaps, that too, is an expression of the turbulencies and strange turmoils of the roiling mind.


Shirt - thriftstore, skirt and earrings - flea market, 
Necklace- thriftstore, sandals - DSW

<3 The Magpie