Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hat Days

This outfit was one of the first I recorded in the hazy idea that I would one day put pictures of what I was wearing on my own blog. They were taken only a few months ago, so not that long off. The hat I am wearing is the first in a small, but swift collection of felt-like floppy hats I had so long admired from afar. I was in Target one day, blissfully wandering through the aisles (those lovely, dangerous aisles), when I saw my imagined hat actually existing in real life. It was the only one like it left, just sitting and waiting for me to pick it up. It practically yelled at me. Sometimes stuff does that. It tells you that you just simply HAVE to buy it and wear it into well-loved bits and pieces. I have since worn it many times, and imagined it a battered old relic of past and future explorations as I gleefully jam it onto my head and thought myself quite the heroine of some rag-tag adventure story. It's funny how some items of clothing do that to you; they transport you into another skin, while still remaining your own.

Hat - Target, shirt - Target, socks - Target, 
sweater - thrifted, skirt - thrifted, boots - Macys, old earrings

The fuzzy blue sweater is quite scratchy, so I don't like wearing it on its own, but is quite lovely layered over this checkered shirt that I also (coincidentally?) bought from Target. (I had a splurge day, don't we all need splurge days?) I wear this checkered shirt layered A LOT. I just love the look of it, sorry not sorry.

 The leaf matched my lipstick!

<3 The Magpie

Monday, February 2, 2015

Blue Ginger

The tag on this dress says "Blue Ginger". It sounds like a lovely name for a band. These pictures were taken around sunset, so the light was becoming scarce as night was rolling in. I love the grainy effect the low-light brought. I also loved those cacti plants. Aren't they a great backdrop?

Stern faces, then smiles. That's definitely a rule somewhere.

I've definitely been turning more towards crazier patterns and mixes lately. I liked how the repetitive palm tree patterns seemed in rhythm with the checkered pattern of the shirt. The dress will also be perfect in summer, worn with sandals and a ponytail. I'm not looking forward to the dread heat of summer, but at least I will have pretty little blue dresses to console myself with.

I loved snapping pictures of the sunset reflected in this large pond. The small bushes twisting over the water seemed like dancing figures frozen in motion.

dress - thrifted, shirt - Target, hat - a gift, scarf - Charmin Charlies
boots - Modcloth, bag - thrifted

I pretty much love exploring.

Trying to wear my rings more often. I wore this little camera ring so many times a while back, it turned bronze on my finger. I bought it from a museum that had a gallery featuring Ansel Adams. <3

<3 The Magpie