Monday, February 2, 2015

Blue Ginger

The tag on this dress says "Blue Ginger". It sounds like a lovely name for a band. These pictures were taken around sunset, so the light was becoming scarce as night was rolling in. I love the grainy effect the low-light brought. I also loved those cacti plants. Aren't they a great backdrop?

Stern faces, then smiles. That's definitely a rule somewhere.

I've definitely been turning more towards crazier patterns and mixes lately. I liked how the repetitive palm tree patterns seemed in rhythm with the checkered pattern of the shirt. The dress will also be perfect in summer, worn with sandals and a ponytail. I'm not looking forward to the dread heat of summer, but at least I will have pretty little blue dresses to console myself with.

I loved snapping pictures of the sunset reflected in this large pond. The small bushes twisting over the water seemed like dancing figures frozen in motion.

dress - thrifted, shirt - Target, hat - a gift, scarf - Charmin Charlies
boots - Modcloth, bag - thrifted

I pretty much love exploring.

Trying to wear my rings more often. I wore this little camera ring so many times a while back, it turned bronze on my finger. I bought it from a museum that had a gallery featuring Ansel Adams. <3

<3 The Magpie

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