Friday, September 25, 2015

Boat Skirt

I've had this boat-scene skirt for forever, and I remember first looking at it at the thrift store and thinking it was a little different than what I usually got, but I was entranced by its "hand-drawn" quality and I'm so glad I took it home with me that long-ago day. I think next time I wear it, I want to wear a pink lipstick that matches the exact shade of the boats, but what I really love about this particular combo is the browns of the belt and boots grounding out the brighter colors of the skirt. Rich browns and grays became my surprising neutrals for a long time, and mostly still are, although I have been experimenting with more styles lately. Still an earth child at heart though, not gonna lie. This outfit is a classic me outfit, with my cosy brown sweater topping it off.

Shirt, skirt, sweater, earrings - thrifted
Boots - Macy's
Belt - Ross
Ring - museum giftshop

Can't resist my moon shots. 

<3 The Magpie

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lakeside Blues

This post is nothing more than a celebration of lazy summer days. As the first day of Fall has just officially passed, we are on the verge of a delicious mocha-sipping, crisp leaf-crunching time, but in the wake of that sweaty, torpid, bug-filled season, summer isn't always the villain.. It gave me a good excuse to run around in swingy blue florals and pull out my vintage-inspired swimsuit. Ah, my beautiful blue days, your sublime colors just can't be beat.

So much blue!!



Bathing suit - Modcloth
Dress - Old Navy

<3 The Magpie

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Belated Birthday

So this is a few months late* but this is what I wore the day of my birthday. I think it was a Sunday, so that helped with dressing up a bit more. I loved the repeating motif of the crossed black ties under the shirt collar and the tops of the shoes, so I tried to add another hint of it with a black satin ribbon in my hair. I am starting to wear these shoes down since I take them on so many adventures. It makes me so sad! If you ever find something you really, really love, try to buy a few (although if I did that, I would have to sleep outside my room for lack of space no doubt). But really, finding a perfect pair of shoes you just adore that go along with many outfits is almost impossible! It's like the mythological pair of perfect-fitting jeans. You can search for them all your life, and if you DO magically find them, you'll then proceed to wear them to pieces for years and years, and cry when they die. 

Speaking of birthdays, birthdays are funny things now. They are no longer special or really celebrated, other than the obligatory words, and they also create a lot of strange internal confusion. Am I really this (insert number) age?? Where has the time gone??? WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE SO FAR??!? It's an odd mental disharmony between how ones feels, and the actual number of years you have gone around the sun. Aren't the numbers supposed to mean anything? Can screams be heard in space? Why am I thinking about space? Oh right, I mentioned the sun. HOW old am I again?!?

At least there are pretty clothes to wear. After church, I gathered a small group of siblings and friends, and we went out to eat and ran around like little kids in a park. At least I know I'm a child at heart..
*a lot late heheh

Shirt, skirt, bag - thrifted
Shoes - DSW
Earrings - Target

Love the metallic crosshatch.

A bird kept diving into the water! It was rather exciting, but difficult to photograph. This was my best attempt. 

Crazy park times. 

<3 The Magpie

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Blue Crescent

I love wearing interesting prints on pretty dresses, and this dress was on my wishlist for a long time. When it finally went on this amazing sale, I just couldn't resist. I used to draw moon crescents on everything; my hands, my ankles, my homework, my notes, the inside covers of my books. It was like my little doodle signature, so in a way, this dress is like a grownup version of that childhood obsession. If I could throw a little more stardust and moonbeams on everything, life would be a happier place methinks.

These pictures were taken in the spring months, by looks of the lush grass and my longer layers. I am looking forward to when all the green things explode in a joyful riot, crawling in all the corners and overtaking the drab browns and grays in a celebration of color. The only downside to so much rich growth is the allergy season that follows, but on some perfect days, it's a small price to pay.

Sometimes I feel like I wandered from a fairy tale and I am drifting around this strange land until I find my way back home. Dreamy fantasy novels were my bread and butter growing up, feeding my already vivid imagination, so to see aspects of all those fantasy worlds escape into my daily life is never much of a surprise. Dressing the way I want to is just an extension of my little dream worlds in a way. I just daydream my way through life and dress the way I feel. If that makes me look like a character escaped from the confines of her book, well, I suppose there are worse things in life.

Heheh, I just liked this shot. 

Tryna' lean\\\

Being weird

Dress - Modcloth
Belt - Ross
Boots - Macy's
Earrings - Tilly's
Rings - thrifted/Old Navy

<3 The Magpie