Thursday, January 29, 2015

Full Regalia

I bought this landscape dress from Modcloth on a very good sale. I passed it up the first time I saw it, thinking to myself "I don't really need that... I need to save my money..." and then kept going back to it and kept going back to it, AND THEN IT WAS ON SALE. And it has been worth every penny since. I've started to call it my 'wedding dress', as I have worn it to 2 weddings already (with the exact same accessories!), and plan on wearing it to more. It's so beautiful in person, it makes me feel like a walking fairy tale, and other people adore it (who wouldn't, though, really). 

The flower crown was made by an old friend of mine who I reconnected with via Facebook after I saw she had made her own Etsy shop making and selling handmade flower crowns. I sent her a picture of my dress, and she picked a crown out for me. It ended up matching perfectly, and it looked amazing on, and was that dream little detail that made everything else that much better.

The necklace and the light blue cardigan were thrifted, while I found the shoes at DSW. The shoes actually have their own story. I went to DSW, searching for shoes to go along with this dress. They couldn't be heels, since I was actually the photographer for the first wedding I wore this to (these pictures are from the second wedding), but I wanted them to be pretty, as well as practical, and something I would wear with other outfits. Lots of requirements, I know. So after wandering up and down aisles for awhile, I finally saw them. Imagine: Gray flats. In the sale section. The only ones of that kind. The only ones in my size. It was simply meant to be. I took those pretty things home as fast as I could, and have loved them ever since. They have a distinct ballet vibe, which I love, and they are soft and so comfortable. They are so perfect. So is the dress and the flower crown. In other words, this is pretty much the perfect outfit. I've finally done it! I might as well never wear anything else - and when I wore it, I certainly didn't want to!

Dress - Modcloth, shoes - DSW, cardigan - thrifted, necklace - thrifted, earrings - Target,
flower crown - Etsy

I'm not very good at doing makeup in the technical sense. I don't know any proper techniques and I just buy it all from Walmart or a drugstore. I approach it more like a painting. I paint and blend and move colors here or there, until I feel like I'm done. I was rather proud of myself for how it turned out.

 My hair was so long here! I've cut off about 4-5 inches since. It's still wonderfully long though.

<3 The Magpie


  1. Gorgeous photos and dress! Great pairing with the floral crown too!

  2. Your makeup is simply gorgeous! Wow.