Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Style

This is my first Sunday Style post documenting one of the first times I have used my new(er) tripod for the sole purpose of taking photos of myself. *Sigh* I'm really feeling the wannabe newbness here. We all gotta start somewhere though, amirite? 

Sundays I go to church with my family, so my outfits are usually more understated and simpler then my usual crazy concoctions - I don't want to scare any of the sweet old people at church with my get-up, AND it lets me sleep more. Laziness at its best, folks. I'll take what I can get.

I've taken photos with my tripod before, for motions shots, and a painting-with-light assignment, but I was still the one in control behind the lens. I have come to realize that setting up a camera to take shots of yourself is really hard! I set it on a 10-second timer, run around to the front, and hope for the best, but it's difficult to not know what you look like in the actual frame. I'm never quite sure how the pictures will turn out. I don't mind photos of myself, but I really wish I had a clone, and we could both work together on all kinds of photoshoots. I dream of that quite often. (Is it obvious I read a lot of sci-fi?)

I also feel like self-taken tripod shots often lack the spontaneity and warmth of photos taken by a friend, because when you can work together with someone else, it's a lot more fun and interesting. I did try to create some decent shots though. I'm sure I can only get better.

Green sweater and scarf - Target, Skirt - thrifted, boots - Modcloth,
hat - given to me by a friend, tights - unknown, earrings - Asian market

 The gray jacket is from Target too. I bought it right at the start of winter, and I swear I wear it almost every day. It's so warm! It also goes perfectly with my new boots. I'm sure you will see the gray jacket/gray boots combo way too often on this blog, and be sick of it long before I am!

I took so many silly pictures, just to have a handful of decent ones. I so wish I could see what I was doing.


 I wanted at least one good shot of my makeup. I loved how vibrantly green it was. Of course, I did it on purpose to match my earrings. :)

<3 The Magpie

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