Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I actually took these yesterday; so a modern post for once. Although Pantone did us all a great favor by proclaiming "marsala" the color of the year (thus spiking a a trend in production throughout manufacturers), I have always loved a rich wine-red, fancy name or not, so it was with delight that I saw this hat at (where else?) World Market and happily parted with my hard-earned coinage... It matched perfectly with a shade of lipstick I already owned, so I couldn't resist pairing the two. I love that the same hue is also repeated on my skirt, albeit in scattered amounts.

Speaking of this skirt, I bought it from a thriftstore after teetering back and forth, and finally decided that (another) long summer skirt wouldn't hurt, and I also liked the teal. I didn't wear it for a long time after buying it and wondered if it was a bad choice all along, but suddenly in the last few weeks, I haven't been able to get enough of it. So I guess it all worked out. Right brain? Right?


It's funny to me how much more I love empty spaces than usual, now that I am taking more pictures. When I see an interesting place I think would be suitable and see hardly any people around, I take a big mental sigh of relief because I can then relax and just focus on the aspect of trying out angles and settings with my camera and tripod and really get into that creative zone without feeling like I have to watch out for people constantly or be too self-conscious. I don't care THAT much, but it's still a nice feeling to be able to take pictures and run around with photo equipment without being heavily stared at.

I just found these (clogs?wedges?cledges?) shoes at a thriftstore for $12! 
Aren't they rad?

I love love my new hat and it wasn't too hot to wear it - until I put it on that is! Even though the day was only in the mid-80's and had a nice breeze, wearing that hat in the direct sun made me break into a sweat. At least, until the wind would try to snatch it off. Maybe the elements were working in tandem to steal my beloved hat.. I don't blame them for being envious, but they would of had to do a lot better than that to pry it out of my jealous fingers!

Shirt, skirt, shoes - thrifted
Hat, earrings - World Market

Loving these geometrics.

<3 The Magpie

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