Saturday, August 29, 2015

Daisies & Foxes

It's funny to look at the photos I take of myself and see how strange and weird and awkward they can be. Look, it's me in a photograph taking photos! Of myself! I can see me thinking about how strange and weird and awkward I am in the strange/weird/awkward photos! That's so meta! But really, it's been good for me. As much as I shake my head over the excessive silliness of it all, making myself pick up my camera and go out and take photographs has been cathartic in a way. It pushes me to consider  each shot and really think out the process of how I want to set an image up. It helps me practice a technique used by artists and even athletes, where you imagine the scene ahead of time of what you want to create, and then you go and try to replicate that in real life. Of course, the method and final product is never perfect and improvisation is a large part of its creativity, but actual process of visualizing the idea is what is important.

Aside from that vast and major importance stuff that I'm definitely employing very seriously and studiously (I'm trying to make up for my earlier criticism of strange/weird... nope, still doesn't help), let's talk about clothes! This outfit is one of those light silly things I wear to work, where it has to be functional and cool enough for the heat of the day. I really liked the stripes with the daisy pattern skirt, and I couldn't resist wearing little gold foxes in my hair. I wish it had been breezy enough to wear the cardigan all day, because I definitely matched my eyeshadow to it on purpose. Yay colors! Yay for matching eyeshadow! I threw in the orange earrings just because I could. It felt like it worked.

Heheh, I'm so mysterious as I stare off into the distance. 

Shirt - thrifted
Skirt - TJ Maxx
Cardigan - Banana Republic
Sandals - DSW
Earrings - gift
Fox clips - Charmin Charlie's

<3 The Magpie

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