Thursday, August 6, 2015

Quick Fire

The name of the nail polish I'm wearing is Quick Fire. I didn't buy it for the name, but rather for its electric red-orange that reminded me of a race car, or perhaps a mustang you see speeding by you and you almost can't begrudge them their audacity, for you would probably do the same thing if you were that driver of that speedy orange car. Once I read the name though, it made me even more partial to it. Funny how names that inspire the imagination hold a closer place in the heart. That is probably why paint samples are named so elaborately; a certain name can create a bond with the reader and evoke some kind of emotional appeal. If there is one thing to get out of this outfield ramble, it's that marketers are geniuses.

I recently bought this triangle pendant necklace I'm wearing, along with its silvered twin at World Market. If I ever go in there, I always end up looking at the jewelry and scarves; if I end up looking at the jewelry and scarves, I almost always end up buying something. Really, the best course of action would be to simply never set foot in there. BUT IT'S SO DIFFICULT WHEN EVERYTHING THERE IS MY JAM. Oh, and sometimes hats. I've been waiting to buy this certain hat there till my next paycheck.comes. but maybe it's getter to get it before it disappears! Now I have disappearing-hat anxiety. Thanks World Market. You black hole of money and dreams.

Really though. Just look at its gorgeousness. Oh, and the earrings were a previous buy from World Market ages and ages ago! Funny how it matches so perfectly. It's like they know..

The lip color I'm wearing is this new Milan set that just came out recently that I'm now trying to collect. It's not lipstick, but a lip creme (their spelling) that dries to a matte finish. It's not sticky (like lipgloss, blagh), or messy like lipstick can be. You have to make sure to moisturize your lips beforehand as it can be a slightly drying, and keep a steady hand applying to the edges of your lips.. but other than that it's everything I've wanted in lip makeup that I've always looked for and never found. Great, something new to get addicted to. Exactly what I needed, neh?

Dress - thrifted
Earrings, necklace - World Market

Nail polish - Sally Hansen in "Quick Fire"
Lip matte creme - Milan in 06 "Desire"

<3  The Magpie

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