Sunday, August 23, 2015

Body Electric

I bought a bright candy-colored eyeshadow palette from a Walgreens just in time for the summer. It's a cheap Wet n Wild thing, but they do have great eyeshadows, despite my face now owning flashing neon signs winking above my eyes. Sorrynotsorry. I wore this outfit to work so it's pretty simple. I work at a coffee place where we aren't required to wear a uniform, but you definitely don't want to wear anything that you can't throw in the wash, because your clothes WILL get dirty. So I sometimes try to dress a little cute, but the kind of cute that's chill and easy going, and still light weight enough for the summer heat. The lipstick I added later, because why not go full neon? The colors seemed to crackle and spark, like hot pink orange electricity in my mind.

Every stance I've ever had with color is now falling away into dust and whole new exciting fields are opening up to explore, now that I've moved past particular biases. I used to hate pink; loathe it. And look at me now, excitedly slathering it on my face while it sparkles behind my eyes. I wish color was as exciting for everyone, but it does take work to bring your mind around and some cultural perceptions are hard to overcome.


Shirt - hand-me-down
Skirt, necklace - thrifted
Earrings - gift
Sandals - DSW

<3 The Magpie

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