Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pink Attack

It's rare to find me in something this pink and girly, but sometimes you just gotta take the plunge. The belt is what makes this dress work; otherwise it looks like a giant nightgown you'd find your grandma wearing. Thank goodness for waist belts. I never have understood why I don't see girl use waist belts more often. They can make an outfit go from blah to incredible and are flattering to boot. Maybe they will become a big trend in the future and waves of them will be flaunted from every store, but for now, I'll settle for just finding a few solid ones.

These were taken in the spring. I've mentioned it before, but I often post outfits that were taken a few months back. I started taking outfit pics with the idea of starting a blog, and along with not always having access to good computers, I've acquired a bit of a backlog. It's kind of nice actually; it makes me feel more prepared and motivates me to write on here more. Also, as all the pictures have been taken in the last year or so, the clothes and styles I'm wearing are all still relevant to my tastes and daily wardrobe. It's fun to see what I've worn and it (hopefully) gives me new ideas on how I will wear them again.

Dress, belt - thrifted
Earrings - Walmart
Headband - Claire's
Sandals - DSW

This last picture of me, I am trying to chase away an aggressive chicken. The nasty thing will attack your legs when you're not looking. It will stalk you and hunt you down, I kid you not. It's like a little wolf in a feathered body. Blasted chicken.

 Funny how I accidentally caught it on camera.

<3 The Magpie

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