Friday, August 14, 2015

Sailor Red

This was one of my "strange" outfits; I had taken my sweater off due to the heat, but in the cool hours of the morning I had worn a tan cardigan that matched the skirt, with the red collar hanging over the back. Tan and red go so interesting together. I wish I had taken a pic with it, but as I recall, that day was hot and I just couldn't bring myself to take that many pictures. So what you see is what you get. :) These kinds of outfits, as normal as they might seem to you, are actually quite unusual in the area where I work/go to school. Everybody dresses in a very casual suburban style, and although some girls do "dress-up" at school, that usually just means wearing the latest trendy and ill-made clothing with heavy, cakey makeup. Rarely do I see somebody whose style I appreciate. I often feel a little self-conscious in my stylized outfits, but I would rather wear what I like wearing than not. Every day is a new canvas. :) 

I like how loose the red top is without being baggy, and the skirt was a thriftstore steal - Banana Republic at the fraction of the price! I have since accidentally streaked it with a ballmark pen. I hope that comes off easily? I really should look it up. 

The bag was another golden thrift find: an old beautiful leather Fossil side-satchel; exactly the look I've always wanted. I've owned it for a few years now, and love it to death. I have now added many side bags to my growing satchel collection, but that bag marked the beginning of them all and is still a favorite to this day. Have I mentioned how much I love leather?

I look like a robot sailor. That sounds like it's in an anime.
It probably already is an anime.

Shirt, skirt, bag - thrifted
Earrings - gift
Shoes - Modcloth

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