Friday, January 1, 2016


New Year, new life. This shoot is from a few months ago, where even in fall, it's eternally warm. I was trying on a dress I liked in the dressing room at a thrift, but didn't like it much after wearing it. It's not as fitted as I like, and it felt a bit baggy on me. It actually looks a lot better in these pictures than how it felt on my body though, and I paired it with turquoise liner on my bottom lids and a weird green and gold necklace I found at another thrift. I'm a sucker for tribal prints and good colors, so in the end, I liked how the outfit turned out.

As for the new year, I didn't do much of anything. Stayed up on my computer, and listened to the booms of our neighbors celebrating. I'm not really a New Years celebrator, but I do like to use it as a post mark for my goals in the upcoming year. Keeping track of time is not really my forte, so any time marker for me is progress. Really, I just have a list of things I need to get done and want to do, and although I don't have a resolutions list, I do hope to accomplish my goals and work closer to my dreams in the upcoming year. There is so much I want from life, and the only thing holding me back really, is me. So here's to a new year, and a renewed determination to push on.

Dress, necklace, bag - thrifted
Bracelet, earrings - Target
Shoes - DSW

<3 The Magpie

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