Saturday, January 23, 2016

$th of July

I decided that putting up pictures from the 4th of July is better late than never. This was the day I got to see my best friend Bekah right after she just come home from a trip to India! So as you can see, she had the Indian style dress, and her henna game was strong. I hung out with her and her family that day, and then we all went to a field behind my church to watch the fireworks. We also played around with lightpainting techniques which you'll see later in the post!

This red dress is one of my favorites - a light cotton frock in the brightest of shades. I found it at a thriftstore for only $8, and it turned out to be from Calvin Klein, so double the score. I wear it with a red camisole in a matching shade of red since I cut out the insert in the front. It had a weird sag and was always too low, so snipsnip. I love pairing this dress with with my red rose jewelry and red red lipstick - might as well go all out for the 4th! Speaking of which, I drew little stars near my eyes that spilled down to my cheeks with a gold eyeliner pen. Sometimes you just need to draw galaxies on your face, you know?

I am looking forward to wearing the dress more in the summer, as I feel it is best served on a sunny day with no heavy layers in sight. I'm still enjoying the cooler weather though, so hopefully not TOO soon. Have a great day all!

Dress - thrifstore
Earrings, necklace - boutique/street stall
Shoes - DSW

<3 The Magpie

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