Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sunday Teal

Work, school, work, school, school, work - that's all my life has consisted of lately. But a great thing has happened! I got a new computer!! It's been a few too many years overdue, but now I can finally start on working on my photographs and art - once all my photo editing systems download. I'm so excited. I can start to really work and develop my art, instead of waiting to use the nice computers at school. Hopefully that will also result in frequenter blog posts and better photograph quality. A new camera is next on my list, so cheers till then. 

I went thrifting with two girls from a class, and I found this skirt and scarf that day. It literally felt like they were meant to be worn together. I mean, just look at them! They couldn't bear to be worn apart! I loved the soft blue hues mixed with a few strong stripes of purple, and tried to accentuate that overall color scheme. These boots are newer acquisitions, and I love them dearly. They have a bit of a heel - which is a look I like - but are also very comfortable, which is much more important to the comfort-hungry soul that I am. I hope to wear this skirt more often, but there is only a small window of cold weather where I live, and I've been working too much to wear any of my fun outfits. Hopefully, the pace of my work will slow down, and the cooler air will linger, because I definitely want to wear my funny woolen skirts much longer.

Shirt - Target
Skirt, scarf - thrifted
Boots - Modcloth
Earrings - World Market

<3 The Magpie

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