Monday, December 21, 2015

Staring At The Sun

As I've been experimenting with this blog, and the photographs therein, I've been keenly aware of how amateur my efforts are. I know what a good layout looks like and what good photography consists of, and mine has definitely neither. I've tried to research it a bit, but didn't find much in depth or didn't understand what I was reading. I AM an amateur though, and this blog has been just a fun hobby. This next year I would like to do a lot more, but for now, amateur is the voice of the day. Keeping in mind that I am a beginner, I really liked how this series of photos turned out. Just me, my tripod, the sun and the wind.

The gingham black and white crop-top I am wearing is one of my favorite tops (and thriftstore finds) of all times. I love wearing it with higher waisted skirts or pants, and I love how it's neatly fitted to a smaller waist. The skirt I found at a flea market for $12, which isn't terrible. It's long, and can look dramatic if I pair it with the right things. It's like an elegant hippie skirt. I wore my favorite cross-strap black flats, and ran along a cornfield while the sun dipped closer to the edge of the land. I only got stared out once, as a car drove along the mostly-dead side road I had pulled off on. They didn't seem to mind though.

I love the contrast of the blue and bright red. I have started to wear red so often, that I've made myself space out the days between red outfits because it is such a striking color, and I don't want to make them all appear the same.

Shirt - thrifted
Skirt - flea market
Shoes - DSW
Earrings - World Market

<3 The Magpie

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