Sunday, December 20, 2015

Green and Gold

All I want to do is wear strange clothes that fit my mood and soothe my mind. I talk about clothes so much on this blog because that is literally what I made it for. So I can talk about clothes. My clothes, usually, and in lots of detail and expressive language. I want the colors I'm wearing to fit together well and to make me happy when I see them. I want to dress exactly how I want to look like and create this image of who I am. There are many future versions of my look, but underneath it all runs a cohesive aesthetic. I'm not really a sophisticated sort. I like color and texture, and am too messy and rough around the edges to ever master the sleek and polished look. I do have a bit of hair-envy of girls who can just throw their hair however they want and have it look great, but that's because I spend X amount of $$$ throwing a bunch of product in my hair to make it somewhat manageable. It doesn't even have those cute natural curls, it is literally just a mass of frizz when nothing is in it. So I slap some gel around, and it helps it stick to its natural wave. I sometimes dream about looking all business-ey and boss-woman like, but I'm a mess, and I'd miss my real clothes. Truthfully, I'd rather wear what I like to wear, I'm just more entertained by the idea of looking like a real fashionite. For now, I'm just a small-town thriftstore kid wandering through the suburbs.

I remember walking through these spaces of empty air and empty lots only a few months ago, and now they are filled with houses and the frames of future homes. It usually never bothers me, but this is the one spot that started me thinking of all that, and I can't get over the idea in my mind that the places in which I stood and moved and ran in are now just ghost spaces inside somebody's house. I'm probably just getting old. I told my boss the other day that I was born a grannie. That may or may not be true.

Anyways, I loved the rich yellow tones of the scarf paired with the darker green. I found this beautiful dress as a lucky find at a thrift and the scarf was from one of those trinket/random clothes stalls that popped up for two days on my campus. I rarely ever buy anything yellow, but this time I couldn't take my eyes off the bright velvet scarf, and I ran back after class to grab it because it haunted me in the back of my mind. It's funny how some things will follow you. Am I the only one?

Sweater - Target
Dress, belt, hat - thrifted
Boots - Macy's
Scarf - booth
Earrings - flea market

<3 The Magpie

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