Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I admit it: I've been hiding something from you. I got the tips of my hair bleached to dark gold over the summer. I have good reason for not posting about it though! I've been busy! I've been late with posts! School! Work!  I'm still trying to go through my backlog of photos!
I finally wanted to show you all, now that it's DECEMBER (gasp!). I've never had my hair dyed professionally and I cut it myself, so going in and having it done by a pro was a fun and exciting thing for me to do. I've wanted to have that color done for ages and ages and finally just decided to act upon my whim. Gold hair edges! Yay! I have found that it adds a bit of edginess to some more of my prairie-house-meets-school-girl looks, and acts almost an accessory with the added bit of color. I love it so much. It honestly felt like it was always meant to be as both an extension of my personality and style.
So from now on, I will try to alternate between getting older posts up, and showing the newer posts with my current hair style. Luckily, this mess of a blog is all mine, and I am entitled to make it however I want. Ah, the joys of being me.

I remember wanting to wear an outfit that would be up to the task of "commemorating" my new hair style. I felt like this little blue and white plaid dress tied with a woven white belt and my fav platform shoes to be just the thing. One of those perfect little summer outfits, ya know? As fun as summer can be sartorially, I am definitely not missing the heat. Fall leading into winter can be a drag with the extreme cold, but I am still having fun exploring new avenues of layering styles, and it still hasn't gotten old for me. I think that with any season, as long as you are having fun, there are always new outfits to create. I suppose this post is an ode to summer in a way, but I definitely don't want it back just yet!

Dress, belt, shoes - thrifted
Earrings - gift
Necklace - vintage store 

<3 The Magpie

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