Thursday, December 17, 2015

School Kid

This is definitely what I would call a School Day Look. I have normal days looks and then I have School Day Looks. SDL if you prefer. SDLs are exemplified by their usually cohesive flow and look of planning. When fashion sites or people talk about that "perfectly thrown-together look", I just laugh in my head, because that stuff is still all planned out. I DO have a small knack for throwing outfits together when I've been in a rush, and I've even have them to turn out pretty great, but I usually like to plan my outfits out at least a day before-hand. That way, I get to see what shirt works with what skirt, or what jewellery goes best with my overall look. Different elements often change last minute, as I find out that I actually want to wear a certain hat, or maybe that one thing over there goes better than what I had originally planned to wear. So even with my most structured looks, there is still a spirit of spontaneity and a creative fluidness to my concept of "planning". Which probably works best for me as I am not a real "planning" person - it allows me to have some structure and discipline to my usually chaotic endeavors, but also allows me to be myself while the lack of true rules lets me make those last minute snap-decisions my brain loves. This outfit is particularly schoolgirl-ish, with the boater hat, pleated skirt, and twin braids... I try to not look like a baby, but I couldn't help but love the outfit! Guess that's all that matters really :) (p.s. Does anyone else struggle with deciding if a sentence should have a period or not, if there is a smiley face at the end of it? It's a really difficult mental decision for me for some reason!). or maybe :) ?.......Why.

Anyways, this outfit was worn during the sunny summer, just look at that golden tan. I get tan easily; 5 minutes outside in a parking lot just talking, and bam, golden glow. It's the one nice thing about my skin, as I struggle with a high oil level and lots of zits. Yay for forever teenager skin! I have been trying to wear more sunscreen, even in the winter, and I don't like purposefully tanning as I've found out how harmful it is for your skin. So I just let it do its thing, and if I dust a little bronzer over my cheekbones in the winter and fall, nobody's the wiser. *winky face* (is that better than a real emoticon symbol? WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT)


Hat - Target
Shirt - gifted
Skirt, earrings, shoes, bag - thrifted

<3 The Magpie

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