Thursday, December 17, 2015

Brick and Teal

I started collecting these Milani lip creme things awhile back when they first came out, and I'm really glad I made myself get one of each color when I could find them, because they were a limited edition and are no longer sold. I'm wearing the darkest shade in these photos, and I definitely felt rather daring with such a bold color on my lips. It's like this rusty brown, but also a deep red shade that really, and I mean REALLY, stands out on your face. If you want to be noticed, this is the shade for you. I actually didn't expect it to look this dark, as it appears lighter in the tube, but it dries dark, especially if you layer it. I decided to pair it with the tropical looking shirt I'm wearing, because of the brick red background. So naturally I reached for teal next, because brick red = teal? but it all worked out in the end. I would say it's a fall-tropical look - like if Hawaii had an Autumn, this is what it would look like. Oh, I liked how my nails matched my purse as well.

I really love color pairings that are unusual, as in anything not often seen in most people's wardrobes, but are actually really beautiful together. I have found that the biggest hurdle to cross in color mixing is the block most people have set in their minds against anything different than what they are used to. It's difficult for me to understand, as I like to experiment and play with color, but if people have grown up with certain color palettes, and are suddenly exposed to something that they have never known, they are immediately opposed to the initial idea of it. I admit though, that I've personally been trying to overcome my own color biases, so maybe we can all learn together. If one of my outfits makes one person think about overcoming a certain color distaste, just for a little bit, that would be one of the greatest things ever. Nothing I wear is just to make myself look pretty, there is always a purpose and philosophy behind it. And if I end up looking good, well, no complaints here. ;)

Cardigan - Banana Republic
Sandals - DSW
Earrings, ear cuff - Claire's
Necklace, skirt - gift
Bag, shirt - thrifted 

I found the bracelet lying in a parking lot :)

<3 The Magpie

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