Sunday, July 19, 2015

Color Like A Sucker Punch

I am so attracted to color, it's ridiculous. I have such a strong awareness of its presence, and the infinite myriad color variations both man-made and in nature is a feast for my eyes. Sometimes a certain rich shade of luminous blue will hold me spellbound for minutes that seem like eternity. I've seen an apricot sun rise tremulously over a golden horizon on my morning drive to work, and it takes my breath away every time. Every day is a new sensation and a magnificent luxury when you are as astonished as I am at the intense beauty the visual world has to offer. Even when I am at my lowest, the world is still so beautiful.

That same sense of color is a major point in my outfits. Some days I want to try a new color theory; to provide a sharp contrast or create a sympathetic harmony. Is it strange I think of color as music running in my mind? When all the elements in my clothes come together in a precise way, the outfit seems to "sing". I try to meld and shift around the pieces until I hear them sing. This outfit song was definitely loud, haha. But oh, the powerful notes! 

I loved how these roses seemed to emulate the colors I had picked for the day; or maybe it was the other way around?

Shirt,  sweater, belt, and skirt - Thrifted
Shoes - Ross
Earrings - flea market
Rose ring - boutique store

<3 The Magpie

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