Monday, July 20, 2015

(In Favor Of) Grandma Dresses

I had been eyeing this construction sight for awhile as an interesting backdrop for my photos, and finally found what I thought to be a secluded spot. The construction worker who turned a corner and came face-to-face with this strange girl standing in front of a tripod, was probably just as startled as I was. Talk about embarrassment!

I bought this dress on a whim - not a whim because I was adverse to it, but a whimsical purchase nonetheless, because it was such a odd little grandma dress. I apparently have grandma whims, someone help me. I loved the interesting combination of bright teal, pure lilac, and a hot, hot red, all smashed in a tiny floral print which somehow all worked together, while draping up to shoulder-padded heights, and falling down to a respectable length mid-calf. I am strangely addicted to obviously dated dresses, as long as they nip in perfectly at my waist, and have a certain flair.

I got the term "grandma" from my mother, who promptly called it a grandma dress the moment she saw it hanging in my room. I had not fully realized my granny tendencies till then, but I am rather (unapologetically and cheerfully) forced to agree.

To help modernize the look, I wore an infinity scarf, a fitted jean jacket, and bright lilac lips that matched the lilac in the dress print to perfection. I grew very fond of lilac that day.

After my run-in with the construction worker, I wandered over to a worn path on a little island of land between cross-strips of road. How strange, how marvelous! To find a small patch of wildnerness so entangled between paved streets. It also started to become rather uncomfortably warm. The lengths we go to for style.

Dress, jacket, crossbag - thrifted
Earrings - World Market
Scarf - I forget :(
Boots - Modcloth

<3 The Magpie

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