Friday, July 31, 2015

The June Rain

After weeks of sweltering heat, a chance rainstorm rolled in, bringing with it cloudy skies and sweet cool air. It was a blessed hiatus from the usual sweaty days of summer, and I took as much advantage of it as I could. I even dragged out my gray fall/winter boots. It was a rather optimistic view, as the overall temperature did not fall that drastically, but it definitely FELT worth the effort. Thank you Rainstorms in June, for giving me some summer and sartorial relief.

I also felt reminiscent of Red Riding hood, what with the trees dark in the gray light, and my light hood protecting me from faint drops of sky. The air was damp and the world seemed hushed and muted. It was a perfect day for adventuring - or fairy tales.

Dress, shirt - thrifted
Rain jacket - Target
Boots - Modcloth

You can tell these were taken early of last month because of the green blackberries. They have since ripened and are dripping off the vine. Ah, I love the days of fresh wild blackberries. It's their highest redeeming feature from the usually terrible thorns that catch you unaware. 

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