Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blue Daisies

This is another one of my long picture-story posts. That's pretty much any post where I feel the pictures have a narrative flow to them. Or maybe I'm just reluctant to delete any after I edited them. Call it what you will. Picture-story-post ain't going away any time soon.

These pictures were taken in the winter, when everything here gets green and lush. Ah Winter, you beautiful soul.

My favorite detail on the dress, aside from the cute blue checkered pattern, is the little chain of daisies right below the bust. I just can't resist a good little blue dress. Daisies are starting to become a favorite pattern of mine. I can't resist those either. I was so happy when daisy prints became a trend, although I'm pretty sure this dress is much older than that. Too bad clothes tags didn't come with the date they were produced, no?

I wore tights with this dress, not only because it was cool enough to do so, but it also seemed too short to still be decent. Turns out, I ended up wearing it a few weeks ago when I desperately needed something light and easy to throw on during a disgustingly hot day. I was still decent, I promise!

I also had a lot of fun with my makeup that day. Sometimes I can't resist the urge to draw on my face. I thought it made me resemble a fawn...which is never a bad thing, right? Bambi-lovers, whereuat?


 Looking at ducks.

Being a duck. 

I wanted that dog. 

I love this stupid picture. I don't know why. 

Panning! Poor stranger guy on a bike. He probably thought I was crazy.

Dress - thrifted
Shirt - Walmart
Tights and Earrings - Target
Shoes - DSW

Makeup - By me ;)

<3 The Magpie

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