Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Green Skirt, Green Bow

I suppose it would be more accurate to call the color of my skirt 'chartreuse', but calling it green is easier for people to digest. I used to not be fan of this particular shade, or even of green really, but as I have expanded my tastes and wardrobe color-wise, I find myself wearing colors I previously ignored. I think it's good for me to expand my color horizons, otherwise I would still be stuck in my teal-blue sea. I found this skirt at a thrift and consider it one of my lucky finds. It's so beautiful and flowy - I've worn it in different variations, both in warm and cool weather. These photos were taken only a few weeks ago, when the day was sunny, but a chill hummed in the air. We have guests over, so I only had time to snap a few pics, but I love how the light lit up the grass and spun through the trees with a golden glow. 

Shirt, dress - thrifted
Boots - Modcloth
Necklace - gift

<3 The Magpie

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