Monday, February 1, 2016

Daisy Train

Another summery outfit post. I have quite the backlog of photos, but am able to slowly work my way through them. I still can't quite believe I have my own computer! My own means of producing and creating my work... My own way to connect with the world and use a tool to create and draw inspiration from.. Truly, we are blessed to live in this tech-saturated world, where ideas dance at our fingertips, and the process from mere thought to full-bodied creation is shorter than ever before. People may decry the proliferation of media and how new technology can damage society, stilt creativity, and on and on and on, but really, it's only a tool, and although it IS a powerful tool, it only affects us as much as we allow it. For me, my computer has given me freedom whereas previously, my hands were tied to specific locations and times. Ironically, I am writing this on the computer at school, but the principle remains! I edited these photos on my own computer last night, and was thusly reminded and gladdened of the power it gave me. All the poweersss, yessss! *cackles maniacally* Ahem. 

This outfit is color coordinated, and so 'me'. Did you notice how the lipstick matches the bright magenta in the dress?? Do you see it?? CAN YOU TELL???!? Have I mentioned I'm a little obsessed with colors..? As for the turquoise eyeliner, I was on a turquoise-liner kick for awhile this summer. I go through turquoise spurts. Turquoise was my first color of non-traditional eyeliner, and one of my favorite colors to wear in high school, so I definitely go through turquoise phases that fade and then swing back in full force. Wearing it with the contrast of the bright magenta was also a plus!

I painted daisies all over my nails; hence the blog post title. I know they aren't that splashy, but they were so fun to wear! Daisies randomly became a favorite trend of mine, so hopefully I will get to show some more outfits with said flower in different shapes and forms. I was so happy when they actually became a mainstream trend, because that enabled all of my feels for them that had suddenly bubbled up from the dark recesses of my creative soul. Can anybody else relate? There should be a word for the surprising affection of a random theme.

Dress, bag, necklace - thrifted
Sandals - DSW
Earrings - Target?World Market? One of them. 

<3 The Magpie

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