Monday, February 8, 2016

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The wind is a wild thing, howling down around me and tangling my hair. I remember this day; it was cold and blustery, chilling my bones despite the light of the sun. I spent an inordinate amount of time that day searching for good places to take photographs. I look for small niches, tucked away spots with preferably a wall or other item to be a subject matter or a background. And I HATE having any people around. If there are people in the area, I stay far away from them as I can. People's curious stares and even creepy vibes make me really uncomfortable, disrupt my flow, and show up in the photographs in the stiffness of my poses and face. If possible, I like to work alone (unless with a trusted friend), content to experiment with angles and comfortability of myself in the shots; it can take a few shots to get what I am looking for, so the less people watch me, the better. Plus, people in general are CREEPY. I don't have a very high opinion of the public in general, because of all the weird people (i.e. men) who have followed me, purposefully gone out of their paths to try to talk to me, or stared at me taking photographs from a distance. Sorry for the small rant there, I'm just a grouchy old hermit at heart. I just want to work on my stuff and be left alone, is that too much to ask?

This outfit was a mishmash of layers, textures, and attempt at pattern matching. The scarf and skirt are two entirely different item, but I saw them one time close by, and suddenly thought "Wow, those have potential together!" It's funny when that happens, and even funnier when somebody notices.. Guy in my class: "Did you know your skirt and scarf match?" Me: "Er...Yes, I did that on purpose.."

Do people not think it is purposeful?? As if it somehow, accidentally, magically, these clothes fell on my body in a perfect pattern-matching-extravaganza??? Really, I don't don't understand people.

Phew. Getting lots of things out of my system here. Anyways, I really liked this outfit. The layers and complexity of it appealed to me, and the matching patterns made it sing. I'm not sure if it is different than any of my other outfits, but it definitely felt like ME. 

Shirt, socks - Target
Scarf - World Market
Jean shirt, bag - thrifted
Shoes - Costco
Earrings, leggings - unknown

<3 The Magpie

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