Saturday, April 11, 2015

American Gothic

I shot these on a sunny Sunday in the early stages of spring; the day was freakishly warm for the time of year and the fields blazed with flowers. The photographs above were taken by the side of the road, a frequent stopping area as I find myself pulling over my car quite often. The urge to photograph is a strong one. The photos below were taken on my tripod in my backyard. The fig tree was still bare, and the ground was barely green. I found this dress at a thrift store; it's one of those sharp-shoulder padded silhouettes, with the high neck and the long hemline. I took out the shoulder pads, as I feel like they are too much, but the general outline remains. 

I was at first timid to wear this dress out when I bought it a year or so ago. I usually wear my outfits to school, and at the time, I felt like it was a little too much. Now I just laughed at the notion; the dress seemed very toned down and almost normal, compared to some of the stuff I have worn/wear now. :) 

It's funny and emboldening to see how my style has changed and evolved in a continuing narrative that often correlates with my state of mind. Although I've always been self-assured and independent,  I am stronger and more confident in myself than I have ever been. I am beautiful and love wearing beautiful things, and I love creating visual stories with what I decide to wear. This look reminded me of the famous painting American Gothic, by Grant Wood. It wasn't a exact matching outfit or anything, but rather the expression and almost severe plainness of the dress that evoked the feeling of the painting in my mind. Probably in my expressions too, haha, I just love a stern face.

Dress - thrifted, belt - thrifted, shoes - thrifted, tights - who knows? Not me ;)

Love this shell clasp belt. Another thrift store find. <3

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And makeup!

<3 The Magpie

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