Sunday, April 19, 2015

Easter Sunday

I often will take a series of photos and keep them on my external hard-drive until I have a chance to edit/download/write a post. So a lot of the outfits are a few weeks old. Such is the case here. I took these photos with my tripod on Easter but haven't had a chance to write a post till now. Although there is a slight lag, I really don't think it matters that much since every outfit I make, I'd still wear right now.

This post was fun because it was cloudy and overcast with the chance of thunderstorms approaching the next day. I was really hoping to find a place to photograph, so I pulled over onto a random exit off the freeway on my way home from church, and magically found this little abandoned patch of land with a derelict building?house? with parked tractors and signs scattered around it. I think it all belonged to the farm across the road, but the place was totally open and ripe for exploring. I simply couldn't resist such splendor, but I did try to make my photo session quick.

What I also really enjoyed about this series was that I was really trying to use my tripod in artistic ways, and was setting it up to catch certain viewpoints and angles. Using the tripod still feels like a hit or miss when I use it by myself for my own photos, and it was nice to finally feel a certain mastery with it. Hopefully that will be a continuing trend. 

I love how faded and worn look everything looked, and how my soft yellows and blues really stood out against the pale walls, but also seemed to match the colors around me.

Dat buttery yellow though.

Now that I got the tripod stuff down better, I just need to work on my awkward posing. 
Poser alert!

Cardigan - Target, skirt - thrift store, necklace - thrift store,
shoes - second-hand boutique store, tights - Walmart or Target

<3 The Magpie

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