Friday, October 23, 2015

Old School

It was kind of fun to show up at to class with a little cloche gray hat; it added an instant old-school vibe to the whole outfit. I've noticed that a lot of my outfits aren't actually vintage, but modern pieces worn in a way that gives off a vintage air. I (usually) don't even try to do it on purpose, I just put clothes together how I like to wear them and voilĂ , I suddenly look unmodern. Maybe because I like a lot of longer hems and play around with different shapes and silhouettes that don't seem very mainstream. Although, when everyone around you is wearing yoga pants or skinny jeans, it's not that difficult to stand out just by throwing on a skirt.

When creating this particular outfit, I knew I wanted to pair the gray turtleneck with the slip of a green dress; everything else sort of just fell into place after those key components. I loved the idea of looping a necklace over the neck of the shirt. It's definitely an idea I want to use again in the future. I love keeping track of little bit and pieces of fashion experiments, like a little mental collection, and then recycling them in new ways in the future. When something is fun, you want to do it again, right? That's my style philosophy anyways. It's using what excites and creatively stimulates you and reusing those ideas in more creative ways. Without the thought and ideas and layering of concepts to play around with materially, I feel like fashion or style, or whatever you want to call it, would just be static and boring. Instead of the focus being on looking "pretty" or "cute", dressing a certain way can be a happy celebration of textures and colors and proportions. A living, wearable architectural sculpture you can recreate every day. That is what intrigues me and keeps me motivated style-wise. It's the exploration of ideas that fuels me. I know it seems like a lot of thought just to go into something as normal as getting dressed, but why not? It's fun. :)

I also couldn't resist putting in a LOT of pictures of the nature I was surrounded in when these pictures were taken. I even cut back on them, but everything was so beautiful, it was hard to resist. Look at those colors! Those lines! That light! The world is just so beautiful and exciting.

Dress, shirt, hat, bag - thrifted
Jacket, socks - Target
Necklace - vintage
Earrings - gift
Boots - Modcloth

<3 The Magpie


  1. Love your outfit~!
    And I pity you for your pantyhose :P
    Loved the fall pics too