Monday, October 19, 2015

A Sheer Thing

I fell in love with this dress when I found it. It was looser in look and older in style, but the sleeves, oh the sleeves were divine. And then I tried it on and it all made sense. Some clothes you just have to wear and see them on a form instead of just eyeing them hanging flat on a rack. The magenta touches and subtle browns all fell into place after that. Some people are really against the idea of pairing black with brown, but I think if you do it right, it can look really good. 

The bag was another special find. I walked into a Goodwill, saw it hanging on a small display rack, and immediately grabbed it for my own. It looks like a vintage bag, with its beautiful detailing and intricate fabric. It went well with my scarf and added a bit more color to the whole ensemble.

 I remember that this was the first time I wore the boots out. They have a thick sturdy heel, which I love, and is almost the only kind I can walk in, haha. I prefer shoes I can run around in all day and explore with, if inclined, and these certainly fit the bill. 


I'm not sure what decade the dress is from, but I felt like it had a bit of a 80's vibe. It was such a fun dress to wear, and I think it made me feel more fun as well. Have you ever had that experience? Where a certain item of clothing or outfit makes you feel a certain way? I think it's pretty cool how clothes can change our moods. It's strange how clothes influence us and the world around us.

Dress, bag - thrifted
Scarf - gift
Earrings - Random outlet store
Boots - Modcloth

<3 The Magpie


  1. That bag is definitely a great find! Love it!

  2. I know!! I was so excited when I found it!