Thursday, March 5, 2015

Black Widows In Tunnel

I have a natural enthusiasm it seems, of living that forceful vividness that overwhelms one so strongly. Life is beautiful, and I am swept up in awe and an uncontainable joyfulness that one's heart can fairly burst. Life is not without its bitter sorrow, and sometimes the nights are dark and long indeed, but for now, I'm soaking up the light and am full of happiness.

I love vintage dresses that have a certain fit, and this one is almost baby-doll, with a little gold-leaf print and a black lace trim. I took out the shoulder pads as I am not a fan of the broad-shoulder look, but I love how this dress fits and it is easy to run around in while still looking cute. (Which is always a plus, in my book!)

I also love these shoes.

I found the dress at a thriftstore (surprise, surprise) while the shoes were on discount from DSW. I love the multi-strap look to them - they actually have a zipper in the back though, so they are extremely easy to put on!

Can you see my feather hairclip? It's gorgeous.

Leaves are delicious?

Dress - thrifted, shoes - DSW, earrings - gift, hairclip - I forgot!


  1. Great pictures with such a different perspective! Especially like the balancing ones, looks like you are floating!

  2. The photo where you are jumping over the grass made me laugh so hard! Great photos, Magpie Girl:)