Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cheerful "Goth"

This dress is an unusual choice for me; I usually never go for something so acidly bright, so yellow, so babydoll, so short.. It attracted me though, from the moment I saw it. A moment of hesitation, a doubtful frown plagued my first time view of it.. I even almost left it on the rack. But here I am wearing it, still a little doubtful, but loving the strange edge it lent me for the day. The biggest reason I bought it was because it reminded me of another tiny shockingly bright dress I had seen in a photo somewhere, off in the nets, worn by the songstress Lana Del Rey to a festival. It was so different and crazy and strange, and I of course fell kinda in love with it. It was that image stayed in the back of my mind somewhere, and pushed me over my moment's worth of hesitation. 

Dress I was inspired by.

As cheerful and youthful as the dress seems, the violent clash of the dark purples and teals colliding with that extremely shocking acidic yellow made me feel like the outfit had a darker, almost gothic vibe, which  I tried to play up with my velvet black choker and heavy lipstick. One can only go so much goth on a hot day though. I will have to try to figure out other ways to style this dress, maybe with some black tights and dark sweater? I did enjoy the simple daring of it, as much as I worried about it riding up TOO far up for comfort. Go bold or go home, amirite?

Oh ps, it's a good outfit for shocking people who think they know you :) 

Dress, bag - thrifted
Sandals - Old Navy
Earrings - World Market

<3 The Magpie

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